Lasizwe pulls “I said Yes” prank on fans



Lasizwe successfully pulls prank on fans after announcing that he now has a new boyfriend.

The announcement garnered mixed feelings, as some persons were not pleased that he brought his love life back to social media, after numerous heartbreak from his ex-boyfriends.

So he asked me to be his Boyfriend and I said YES! I am officially someone’s boyfriend. Ngicela nithi hooray,” the comedian tweeted on Saturday.

After people had believed the story, the YouTube claimed it was just a prank, as he’s preparing for when he finally gets a boyfriend.

“Hay’ nina! I’m just practicing for when this day arrives, it finds me on ready,” he said.

Lasizwe goes on to speak about how falling in love is for him.

“When I am in love, I GLOW and RADIATE! THINGS BECOME SO MUCH EASIER because you feel loved in a special way,” he revealed.

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