7 things great bosses never say to their employees



A company works efficiently only when its employees are satisfied with what they are doing.

Being a boss, you rightly need to appreciate your employees for what they do right and be a great leader who also walks them through their tough times.

Also, you really don’t want to end up saying such statements that may hurt the capabilities of your employees at work.

Here are 7 things great bosses never say to their employees.

1. “You are lucky to have a job”

If your employee is saying no to a task instead of performing it, seek answers to the questions rather than making such a statement. Have an empathetic bond with your employee that makes you ask why they don’t want to take up this work. If you don’t seem to work well with your employee, find a way to part ways but never make a statement that may hurt.

2. “I’m the boss and you have to do what I say”

Everyone has to be respectful at work even if it’s the boss. Saying statements like these would be disrespectful and demeaning to your employees. Instead of demeaning them with this statement, make them understand why the task needs to be done for the benefit of the company and employees.

3. “I’m disappointed”

This is a common phrase that parents say to their children. This may make your employee feel like a child. Instead of this, you can provide your employee with constructive feedback. This way they will have a track of things they don’t want to repeat again.

4. “I’m your boss and I’m always right”

Nobody wants to feel like they are not a part of the tribe. Nobody likes to work in an organization where their opinions and suggestions don’t matter. Everybody loves it when bosses appreciate suggestions and want to act upon them.

5. “I have worked hard for this”

Taking credit for someone else’s work is just not right. Your employee needs to be acknowledged for their hard work. Therefore, during a meeting don’t claim to do work that you haven’t done. Instead, be open to giving credits to the deserving ones.

6. “You can’t go on a vacation again”

Mental health is an important thing to take care of. Don’t make your employee feel guilty about the time they take off for their own well-being. Instead, you have to support them to have the right work-life balance.

7. “Nice job today”

Instead of making vague comments like this, you can actually appreciate them for doing what they did right. Be specific about what they are being praised for. This makes your employee feel that you are paying attention to the work they have done.

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