6 sad reasons smart women stay single so much longer



Have you ever noticed that really smart women are often single? At the very least, they tend to stay single until later in life and don’t get married until they’re damn good and ready for it.

Some reasons that smart women stay single are just sad, but there are a few good reasons too.

What is it about smart women that sees them rolling solo much more often? Keep reading to find out.

1. It’s hard to find men that challenge them intellectually

Not that there aren’t many smart men in the world because there are. Unfortunately, they get grabbed up quickly by other women, they’re gay, or they’re so focused on their careers that they aren’t interested in dating right now. If that’s not true, it definitely feels that way! That leaves very few truly smart men on the market!

2. It’s hard to find men fulfill them emotionally

Smart women are analytical and think a lot. They understand their emotions and they aren’t afraid to express them. The number of men who can deal with a woman that constantly shares her emotions and knows it’s her right to do so is minimal. When women share their feelings, so many men run because feelings aren’t masculine or they simply aren’t equipped to deal with them. If she shares hers, she might expect him to be empathetic or even share his own.

3. It’s hard to find men that fulfil them sexually

Smart women need a greater connection in bed than just sex. They need intimacy and emotions. Sure, a one-night stand can satisfy them for about five minutes, but in order to find fulfillment with a long-term partner in the bedroom, he needs to bring more than his physical accoutrements.

4. They don’t want to be the center of a guy’s universe

He won’t be the center of the smart woman’s universe because she had interests outside of their relationship and she’s going to spend time on them. She also has friends outside of the relationship because she likes a diverse type of people. He needs to have a life outside of her. If he focuses only on her and has no other interests, she’ll get bored with him really fast.

5. Many men don’t have the patience for smart women

Smart women will not back down in an argument if they think they’re right. They won’t do things they don’t think are right just to keep a guy happy or quiet. A smart woman will always do the thing that she thinks is the best choice for her, even if it means leaving a relationship. Most men don’t have the patience for that. Should women expect men to be that patient? Yes. Women are told that they have to be patient with their partners and give in sometimes, even if they’re right. Smart women refuse to do that.

6. Intelligence is often seen as a problem

When it’s in a woman, that is. The intelligence level of smart women isn’t a plus in a relationship. Society considers smart men to be desirable. Smart women are hard, challenging, and many men think they’re more trouble than they’re worth. As a result, smart women might have trouble finding men to date.

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