Babes Wodumo reacts to trolls judging her marriage to Mampintsha (Video)



Babes Wodumo took to her Facebook live to react to trolls judging her marriage to Mampintsha.

The couple have been together for multiple years and even though they have stirred up the narrative of an abusive relationship, the pair are still head over heals in love with each other and are committed to living life together.

The star made it clear that despite what many might think of her, she got married first then she had a baby, so people should not compare themselves to her.

Wodumo can be seen in the video dancing while addressing her followers about people who cry about their dead beat baby daddy’s who left them, claiming that she doesn’t want to be involved in such comparisons as she is now a married woman with a child.

“You see this thing of crying about your baby daddy who left you, don’t do that with me. I got married then I had a child so don’t compare yourselves with me. Do not compare your baby daddies with me. This has nothing to do with me” she said.

“Your baby daddy made your pregnant then left you with the baby, I wonder why you gave birth at a very young age. So I don’t want nothing to do with that,” Wodumo said while dancing.

She also called out those who have children at a young age, without the means of taking care of a child. Social media users have since expressed their confusion over the video, as they fail to understand where the statement came from.

Watch video below:

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