5 signs of a weak woman in a relationship



When we say weakness, we do not necessarily mean health-related issues, but those tiny mole hills or challenges for some of us women, on which we normally trip upon.

So here is a list of five out of a thousand and one weaknesses that a woman may have when in a relationship.

1. Do not be financially dependent on your partner

Even if a man is supposed to support his spouse monetarily, it is also advisable for women to be financially independent. Financial security gives a woman a sense of accomplishment. It’s always important to maintain your independence and resist morphing into one mutual identity.

2. Do not lose your identity

Develop on  your individuality and have your own identity apart from your partner’s. Take out  time and build yourself by doing things which would make you feel empowered, pursue meaningful goals, never give up on your dreams for the sake of a relationship.

A relationship should be a spring board from which to chase your dreams rather than a place that keeps you chained and disillusioned.

3. Do not forgive every single time

Women end up compromising and apologising many times, even when they are not at fault just to save the relationship. Do not encourage the wrong behaviour and stop apologising right away.

4. Do not be too emotionally dependent  on your partner

A woman should never over rely emotionally on their spouse. Instead, having two to three different support systems is always a smart thing to do in a relationship. The point being, have more people in your life, be it family or friends.

5. Do not make your partner your only priority

Women regularly pay too much attention to their boyfriend or husbands than their own personal lives and become weak in the process.

Being friends with your spouse’s friends is a good idea, do not forget to have your own social circle too. Many a times, women do not stay in touch with their friends once they have a significant other.

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