Here’s why hand creams are a must add to your skincare routine



Hands are invariably one of the most ignored body parts – they go through the most but stand low in our priority list when going about our skincare routine.

In our maddening rush, most of us just slather on regular body moisturizer on our hands and expect it to give our desired results.

Especially in this day and age, when washing and sanitizing hands has become a pre-requisite and a perpetual reflex action.

Well, think again, is a regular moisturizer enough for your hands? The simple answer is no!

But does investing in a special hand cream justify the returns, here are some reasons why this ‘hand’ ful investment will go a long way:

1. Dryness

Excessive washing and sanitising hands leads to increased contact with irritants and allergens that commonly manifest in the form of redness, dryness or cracks that itch or pain. While we can’t skip the mandatory cleansing mechanism, given our Covid-appropriate lifestyle, it becomes even more imperative to take special care of hands. It is advisable to use a hand cream that is infused with the goodness of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid and promises hydration with anti-bacterial properties.

2. Skin Inflammation

Regular use of harsh soaps or chemical laden cleaners may also cause skin irritation, making the skin flaky, uneven and bumpy. It is prudent to use a dermatologist recommended hand cream that nourishes deeply and hydrates sensitive skin, while locking in moisture to make hands smooth and supple. Massaging hands at least twice a day with an effective hand cream can help eliminate skin irritation and give you soft, smooth and gorgeous hands.

3. Ageing

There’s a saying that no matter how well you conceal your age, your hands bare it all. As one ages, hands lose fat and elasticity, causing the skin to lose volume and this produces translucent skin that wrinkles easily. Also, the skin on our hands has fewer oil glands as compared to facial skin causing it to lose moisture quickly. Therefore, it’s important to use a specialized hand cream to take adequate care of our hands.

4. Healthy Nails

Nails are highly susceptible to damage and viral infections. Regularly massaging fingertips with hand cream will help soften the nails and cuticles, making them appear well nourished and healthy. This will also prevent dirt, grime and bacteria from entering your nails. Always opt for an anti-bacterial hand cream, as it serves the dual purpose of moisturizing and keeping hands and nails germ free.

Investing in a good hand cream is a fool proof way to not just fight the signs of ageing but also keeping infections at bay. It is a sure-shot guide to keep your hands feeling soft, supple and healthy!