5 things men do differently when they get into a relationship



Transitioning from a single person to one half of a relationship usually comes with its quirks and different dimensions.

You no longer make decisions for yourself without consulting anyone. Your whereabouts become the concern of your partner and so on and so forth.

For women, it is usually said that getting into a healthy relationship brings about some kind of radiance to their looks; while for men, it is commonly said that getting with a good woman will cause them to become a little more responsible and levelheaded.

That’s not universally applicable, of course, because some people already have these things going for them before getting into their relationships.

By and large, though, there’s some truth to these popular beliefs if you really think about them. That said, in what other ways do women influence their men? 5 cute ones are listed below:

1. Treat women better

When you are in a relationship with a woman for a bit and the relationship is a good, respectful one, it will show in the way you talk to other women.

The way you relate with other women, how you accord them due respect… all of that will reflect that you’ve got a woman whom you treat well back home.

2. More knowledge of women’s fashion

You probably won’t know all about sequins, and ruffles and all other deep stuff about women’s fashion [and you just might, who knows?!].

But it really is difficult to go in deep with a woman without picking up a thing or two about fashion and dressing because best believe, you opinion will be needed so many times on what to wear and what to not. And that’s a cute thing, too.

3. Pay a little more attention to your beauty products

Guys are mostly just bang average with their grooming. Only some are particular with proper grooming.

You can bath with any soap, use the same towel for your body and your face, probably use the same cream on your hair, body and face at the same time. With a woman around, chances are that all that will change with time.

4. Stay home more

Men in relationships tend to learn the beauty of just staying in. Committed men see how nice it is to be in a quiet place with people you love, rather than a loud one with tons of strangers.

5. Chick flicks

It is not uncommon to hear men say things like they wouldn’t have seen some certain movies if their babe had not wanted them to see it. Yep. That happens a lot, and it’s cute to do something the other wants and enjoys just so you can share the moment with them and enjoy quality time together.

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