6 things you should know about raising twins



Raising a child can be wonderful and taxing at the same time. While it gives you a purpose in life, it also deprives you of your time with yourself.

Now if you’re raising twins, it’s the double of everything. Whatever effort you’d put to parent a child, you’d have to give double the effort to raise twins.

That said, if you are expecting twins or are already parenting twin kids, here’s a guide to raising them – helping you understand what to expect.

1. Yes! It’s double the stress

Giving birth to a single child or twins is out of your control. It’s a natural phenomenon and there is no escape from it. That said, you must understand that bearing twin children can be stressful – double of what you would have expected in raising a single kid. While the twins are of the same age, they have their own needs and unique personality. Tending to each child will become tiresome at some point. However, it is not an impossible job. With time, you will get used to it and will also get a hang of it.

2. You’ll have to buy two of everything

With twins, expenses will increase. Instead of buying a single item, you’ll feel compelled to buy two of everything. Therefore, prepare yourself to manage your finances accordingly. Do not spend unnecessarily, as it will only increase your troubles.

3. Telling them apart will be difficult at first, unless they’re non-identical

Given that you have identical twins, the first few weeks or even months may be difficult, especially in identifying who is who. This may lead to confusion. For instance, you may breastfeed one child twice, whereas you might leave the other hungry for longer periods of time. To avoid that, clothe them with different coloured clothings or look for natural markers.

4. You will have to give individual time to both

Just because your twins look the same doesn’t mean their personalities will be the same too. Each child has their own unique individuality and their responses to emotions and actions will differ accordingly. Therefore, make it an objective to give them both one-on-one time. Listen to their needs separately and react as per their personality.

5. They’ll be each other’s best friend

No matter how much they fight or are against each other at some point in life, they’ll always remain best friends for life. They may have differences in opinion and beliefs, but their bond will be eternal.

6. It’s completely okay to get help

As time flies by, it is important that you indulge in self-care. Do not feel hesitant to seek help in any form. Whether it means hiring a nanny or asking your close relatives to take care of your kids. Share your responsibilities with your partner or your spouse. Remember, until and unless you’re happy, no one will be.

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