5 things that happen to you in a bad relationship



Being in a bad relationship will stress you, leave you drained, have you acting out mad things you didn’t know you were capable of while also leaving you with more questions than answers available.

But there’s more to this bad relationships dynamic. You are not just drained and jaded, you also experience one or all of the five things listed below.

1. Your attention span is messed up

Don’t be surprised if a bad relationship takes up all the space in your head. You may find out that it’s all you really think about.

That’s because in toxic relationships like that, there’s always so much drama, so many squabbles and waaaaay too much drama.

2. You lose friendships

When you’ve got friends and you are in a bad relationship, it is only normal for those friends and other people who care about you to show concern about what’s happening.

Don’t be surprised if you lose friends who would rather distance themselves than witness all of that happen. And sometimes, you may be the one to verbally tell them off by yourself.

3. You make everything awkward and embarrassing

Nobody wants to hang with you and your partner. You’re that couple that always fights. You make things weird. People are trying to have a good time and you’re yelling in the corner. So you’re isolated: you have no friend group left.

4. Other aspects of your life suffer

Your friendships are not the only things that get affected. You career and other things may get affected too.

It’s hard to feel excited about your career when you’re consumed with a toxic relationship. Your career takes a back seat.

5. Your health gets affected as well

Toxic relationships are emotionally, mentally and physically stressful. During stress response, your heart rate increases, breathing quickens, muscles tighten, and blood pressure rises. Allowing your relationship stress you out will put you at the risk of these things.