3 ways parents can improve virtual learning for kids



We are living through unprecedented times and it’s almost impossible to find someone who may not have been affected by it.

The pandemic and the changes triggered by it in our day to day lives has made things really difficult for us and more so for the little ones.

Everyone including the teachers, parents and kids have their share of struggles. Just like teachers think of new ideas to make online learning more interesting and keep children engaged.

Parents too have many opportunities to engage and modify the new learning process. In fact, the new role of the parents is of ‘teachers-at-home’, as parents have to engage equally to make learning easy for their kids.

Keeping this in mind, here are three ways in which parents can reorient their relationship with their children’s school life and enable a good learning environment.

1. Know your child better so that you do not set unrealistic goals

If you get engaged with your child’s progress on a daily basis, you will know his abilities and his position on the learning spectrum. To know about your child’s performance at the end of the term often doesn’t give you an idea of their abilities and real progress.

Engaging with kids on regular basis means you are more likely to set achievable goals and offer them the right kind of motivation. This can be done by building a bridge between school learning and activities at home.

2. Communicate more with teachers

Parents have ample opportunities to connect with teachers on a more regular basis, unlike they did in the offline mode. The pandemic is an unusual situation for everyone, thus parents must offer support and lend an ear to learn new facets of their child’s personality.

3. This is the best time to teach kids the concept of digital literacy and cyber safety

Previously, screen time was strictly monitored by parents but now the entire life is being lives through the screens. Thus, children must be made aware of dangers lurking on the internet. Parents also need to have robust digital literacy and security information in order to prevent misuse of gadgets.

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