9 healthy ways to make your husband respect you



Every wife deserves to be treated with respect by their husband. Respect is an important quality in a marriage that is a good foundation for the couple’s relationship.

However, do you feel like your husband is not respecting you enough? Are you hoping that he will learn to treat you like a lady?

What if your husband feels the same way towards you? Maybe he also feels disrespected, that is why he is struggling to respect you as well.

If you want your husband to respect you more, maybe you should try assessing how you treat him.

As they say, respect begets respect. So, to make your husband respect you, why not improve how you show him respect first? Check out these steps on how you can make your husband respect you:

1. Do not interrupt him when talking

One way to show respect to your husband is by allowing him to talk without being cut off. Just like how you would feel irritated whenever someone interrupts you while talking, your hubby feels the same way too. Therefore, let him finish what he is saying first before you respond.

2. Pay attention whenever he talks to you

Aside from not interacting with him while talking, your husband will feel respected if you give him your full attention whenever you talk. So, keep your phone, turn off the television, or turn your back on the computer while you are in a conversation.

3. Avoid aggressively criticizing him

Your husband is only human, so he is surely flawed. However, instead of criticizing him straight to his face whenever you are disappointed with him, talk to him level-headedly. Point out his mistakes without insulting him. Open up about your concern in a calm manner, letting him know the effects of his wrong moves, and try suggesting how he can improve his ways.

4. Do not compare him to others

It is not only disrespectful but also offensive to be compared to others. Therefore, avoid comparing your husband to other men. You have to accept that he is different from them, and he has his own strengths.

5. Talk positively about him in front of your kids

As a parent, it is your responsibility to train your children to be upright individuals. One of the traits that you need to instill in them is being respectful to others, especially their parents. So, no matter how imperfect their father is, teach them to respect him. You can start doing this by praising him in front of the kids.

6. Praise him in front of other people

Another sign that you respect your husband is by boosting his morale around other people. Do not embarrass him in front of others by revealing his bad traits. Instead, appreciate him before them.

7. Do not shout at him

You feel disrespected whenever he shouts at you, right? Well, he feels the same too. For this reason, avoid yelling at him no matter how angry you are at him, especially if there are people around.

8. Avoid nagging him

Wives are generalized to be naggers. Although this is not true for every wife, many husbands complain of having nagging partners. If you want your husband to respect you, stop being a nagger first.

9. Do not fight with him in front of the kids

Misunderstandings are normal between husbands and wives. However, it is not healthy to fight in front of your children. Aside from its negative impact on your kids, it will be harder for you and your husband to respect each other because of guilt.

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