3 basic routine you should follow after removing your makeup



We understand that there are times when we have danced our hearts out and are so tired that we just want our bed and nothing else.

That faded makeup may be an indication of how crazy fun the night before was for you but trust us, your skin does not support even a bit of it.

When you skip removing your makeup, you bring more damage to your skin and your negligence could be one reason behind all those acne breakouts.

Now many suggest that before hitting the bed, one should get rid of all their makeup. This suggestion however is partial as just removing makeup is not enough.

If you are someone who has been sleeping without giving their face a good CTM, then you better stop right now and learn from us a basic (yet pertinent) skin routine.

1. Cleanse

Start by removing all your beauty products. You should first remove your lipstick and then work your way gently around the eyes. Once you are done wiping off the makeup, use cleansing oil to remove all the settled dust and even the stubborn makeup. This way you could really cleanse your skin and prepare the same for further action. Make sure you are using a cleansing oil with nourishing properties. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and healthy and that’s one thing you must never forget.

2. Steam

Next off, heat some water in a bowl or your basin and hover your face over the steam. This step lets you open up your pores and all the bacteria or makeup stelled in the same could steam out. Plus, steaming makes way for better penetration of the nourishing oil that you used in the previous step.

3. Tone and Moisturise

After the steam, let your face dry on its own or you can even pat dry it using a soft towel. Once done, use a toner that suits your skin. You can spray some directly onto your face or saturate a cotton pad in it and then apply it to your face. To complete your routine, apply a moisturiser that replenishes and repairs your skin. Pro tip: Apply a moisturiser when the toner is still damp, this helps both the products lock in your skin properly, and you wake up to a smooth and shiny silk.

Another tip that could really come in handy for you could be to use face products that can heal your skin conditions. For example, those with dryness issues must use a moisturiser that tackles the patchiness, or those with acne-prone skin must opt for products with aloe vera or tea tree. Right from the wiping and cleaning stage to toning and moisturising, pick products that soothe your skin.

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