Pasi koetle shares her struggles with beard (Video)



Pasi koetle has open up on her struggle with beards.

Taking to her Insta-story, the star revealed that she has a beard and wonder how people like her deal with it.

“Morning banabeso.” She said.

Pasi stated that she waxes hers as she was advised to remove it permanently.

“I just want to ask neh? I’m talking to ladies who have nchebe (beard). How do you guys deal with it? Does it embarrass you? Obviously, I wax it. I was advised to remove it permanently.”

The star joked and said that it is the reason she removed the “Ma” from her name and now goes with Paseka. “I was shocked. I even called myself Paseka, I removed the Ma in it because my beard was so big. I just want to ask ladies who are very hairy like me. Are you embarrassed to have a beard?”

Watch video below:



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