Pearl Modiadie on getting her pre-baby weight back before her son turns 1



Pearl Modiadie has taken to her social media to share her plans to get back to her body before she had her son.

The star revealed she gained 20kgs when she had Lewatle and she has been trying to lose all that weight which became a big task for her.

Pearl stated she has been working on it as she watches what she takes in daily.

She also said she is hoping to get her pre-baby weight before Lewatle turns 1.

Pearl captioned:I gained 20kgs when I had Lewatle & trying to lose all that weight has not been an easy task! I’ve been working on it by being mindful about what I put into my body and ensuring that I’m constantly moving. I don’t always get it right, but I keep at it when I fall off. Hoping to get to my pre-baby weight when Lewatle turns 1! How are the moms on my timeline doing?”

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