6 interesting things men often lie about to women



Whether it is a white lie or a major one, many men find themselves guilty of twisting the truth in front of their partner.

It could be saying ‘I am fine’ when something is bothering them, lying about their whereabouts, trying to stay out of trouble by saying ‘oh, I just forgot’ or simply fibbing to avoid an argument.

Here are six common things men might lie about when they are dating or have a crush on someone.

1. The past relationships

Well, this one is pretty obvious. Not everyone is comfortable in talking about his past or revealing the exact number of people they have dated before meeting you. Interestingly, a poll done by a dating website concluded that 44 per cent of men admitted to lying to their partner about cheating in their previous relationships. The logic behind this is simple—no man wants to turn off his present love interest.

2. The matters of ex-boyfriends

Your boyfriend might pretend to be cool when you chat with your ex-lover or hang out with him but in reality, there is a high probability that he is jealous. Do we really need to explain why?

3. ​Income

Most of us have met that guy who might be a miser but leaves no stone unturned to brag about his lavish lifestyle and high-paying job, right? In fact, according to a survey published in SAGE journals, 87 per cent of the online male daters lie about their salary to impress their crush.

4. Height

It seems men are a bit conscious about their height and tend to intentionally add a few more inches to their actual height. According to a study published in journal Personality and Social Psychology, 55 per cent of the participants lied about their height on their online dating profile.

5. Feelings

Thanks to the societal expectations from a man to be ‘strong’ and ‘masculine’, many men struggle to accept their emotional vulnerability. Most of them might not be as expressive as women and say ‘I am fine’ even if they are silently battling with a huge emotional conflict inside.

6. ​Liking your friends and family

This applies to women as well. Not every partner gets along well with every friend and family member of their lover. But it becomes a little tricky to accept the same and at times, being a little diplomatic helps to keep the relationship floating.

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