Mpho Letsolonyane reflects on what growing up means to her



Mpho Letsolonyane took to her Instagram to give an account of what life is for her when she was going up.

The star stated she sometimes look at her old pictures and wonder how hungry she was back then.

“I sometimes look at old pictures of myself and think back to how hungry I was to devour life!!! I lived with such passion and drive, partly because I had nothing to lose but life itself.”

She said,ย “Then one grows a little older, a little more cautious because the stakes are a little higher. Thereโ€™s more to lose now, more to care about. Yet we forget that with caution, some of your lifeโ€™s dreams die a little each dayโ€ฆ A part of you, dies a little every day.

Mpho revealed that life is a journey and everyday one discovers oneself

“Life is a journey. You grow. You evolve. You rediscover yourself. Your rediscover forgotten dreams and aspirations. You learn to love yourself anew as you come to understand that even you matter!! As a person before every other worldly title you may hold!!”

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