8 ways life changes when you become a parent



When you become a parent you automatically transform yourself to satisfy the needs of your baby. Let us take a quick look at how life changes on becoming a parent.

Though you may well prepare yourself for life after pregnancy nothing can really prepare you for the massive life changes that your bundle of joy brings.

Here are 8 major ways in which life changes after becoming a parent.

1. No getting up late

You will find yourself criticising people who get up late in the morning as your own life will be completely attuned to that of your baby. You will sleep when your kid sleeps and will wake up when the kid wakes up. There will be no time for luxuries like sleeping in late.

2. No late night parties

By the same logic, there will be little scope of you going to late night parties after you become a parent. You need to be back after a certain time as your kid will need to sleep. If you are a new parent then the demands of your little one will leave you with little energy for a late night rendezvous.

3. Thinking of healthy food

It does not matter if you have been consuming junk for the last 10 years. Having a baby means that you will always be on the lookout for healthy food as you will organically be sensitive to your little one’s needs. You will read labels and become something of an expert in baby food.

4. Intimacy goes for a toss

Romance between you and your partner will reduce significantly. Date nights will become a no-no as both of you are too tired to go out. Intimacy will mean snuggling on the sofa together with the baby.

5. You are okay with bodily fluids

A baby will sneeze, pee and will emit all sorts of bodily fluids. You will in time get used to handling these things and will stop caring about how disgusting this stuff was once to you. Changing a nappy is indeed a life changing experience.

6. Your taste in movies changes

You develop a taste for animated videos, children’s movies and your favourite TV channels include the list of knowledge and cartoon channels. The action movies and the horror flicks you used to devour is now a thing of the past.

7. Your friend circle changes

You may not probably realize it in the beginning but you will naturally begin to gravitate towards other parents. Single friends talking about dates, sex and the latest fashion trends will seem alien to you and you will make new friends who discuss diapers and baby food.

8. You will surprise yourself

It is not possible to pre-empt the overpowering feelings of love and protective urge you feel towards your baby. In a short span of time your baby will become the centre of your universe and you will be surprised at the change in yourself.

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