Prince Kaybee’s ‘sensitive’ tweet after the passing of Amapiano musicians attracts controversy


Prince Kaybee got South Africans divided over a tweet he shared hours after the passing of Amapiano stars, Mpura and Killer Kau.

In the tweet shared, the DJ said humans can always prevent harm, as most happenings are caused by man.

“It doesn’t mean if it happened it was meant to happen, we need to ANTICIPATE HARM!!! Most things are man made so you influence your destiny in many ways thats why prevention is CHIEF!” he said.

Some persons said Kaybee was being insensitive and he got dragged for claiming that the dead musicians caused their death.

Meanwhile, another group of persons said he was speaking fact.

Responding to a Twitter user who criticised him, the DJ said, “Breaks my heart you feel this way about me. But on the bigger picture I did not mention anyone or said someone was drunk, I merely shared what is on my heart regarding a safe space for ALL human beings, hope one day this makes sense to you.”

See how people reacted to Prince Kaybee’s tweet:

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