Rami Chuene shares her struggle with Covid-19 vaccine



Rami Chuene has taken to her social media to share her experience after her first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

The star stated that it was a bumpy and painful rollercoaster ride after her first dose and she hopes the second one will be go with her body.

The actress joined many other people on Twitter to share her experiences with the vaccine in the hopes of giving people a realistic picture of how the vaccine affects people differently.

Giving a summary of her experience, Rami said she went through all the symptoms listed as vaccine side-effects.

She said she kept her doctor friend up with countless questions.

“Long story short: I almost died. I had all the symptoms, losing my mind, calling @dr_lovelee at 1am.

“First 4-5 days were hell. Then it got better. 26 days later I still have some symptoms, numbness in my arm, fatigue, headache, etc.”

Rami went on to say she is not discouraging anyone from vaccinating but she want to make it clear that she doesn’t believe she would have survived a battle with the coronavirus.

“Please, I’m not discouraging anyone to vaccinate. I know that had I got Covid-19, I wouldn’t have survived. No ways,” she said.

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