5 doctor appointments you should never miss



If you wish to enjoy a long and disease-free life, you need to take good care of yourself.

That not only includes a good diet, exercising and following healthy lifestyle habits but also getting regular health check-ups.

Routine health screenings help determine any change in the body that may later turn into a chronic health concern.

The pandemic followed by lockdown in several places forced people to put off their doctor’s appointments for safety purposes. Now that things are returning to normal, it is time to get them to reschedule.

As per experts in the field of medical science, these appointments are essential for your health.

Here we have listed the five most important one that you should get immediately.

1. Routine physical examination

Some people visit their doctor only when they have any health concerns, which is not a good practice. It is vital to meet your physician at least once a year. Those suffering from any health concerns or at risk of developing certain diseases or are older should visit more often. This helps your physician evaluate your condition more closely and adjust your medication accordingly. A long gap may make your condition worse which could be difficult to unturn.

2. Dental check-ups

Just like your physical health, maintaining your dental health is equally vital. A regular dental visit can help to reduce the problem of tooth loss, bad breath, gum pain and cavities. Every individual must get routine oral cleaning twice a year to keep their gum and teeth healthy. But some need at least three to four appointments a year. Your dentist can only tell who many times you need to get an oral cleaning in a year. Besides, regular dental check-ups also help to detect oral cancer and anomalies.

3. Dermatologist

Exposure to bright blue light and harmful UV rays can increase the risk of skin cancer. If detected early, the five-year survival rate for melanoma is 99 per cent. Skin check-ups usually take 20 minutes but can be very beneficial in cutting down the risk of skin cancer. Even if you see any new mole or an old one growing in size, immediately schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. Visit a dermatologist at least twice a year.

4. Breast cancer screening

Breast cancer is a growing concern among women as well as men. Regular self-examination and twice a year breast cancer screening can help to determine the growth of cancerous cells at an early stage. Starting the right treatment at an early stage can help to curb the growth of the abnormal cells. Also, when you are self-examining your breast look for signs like redness in nipples, lump or any change in colour of the nipple. talk to your doctor if you notice anything new.

5. Optometrist

Your eyesight is as important as any other organ of your body. Prolonged exposure to the bright light of the laptop and mobile screen can make your eye dry and can even damage your eyesight. Studies suggest blue light emitted by the gadgets may damage macular degeneration and lead to vision loss. So, even if you believe that your vision is perfect, a regular optometric check-up is critical.