6 things every female entrepreneur should know



As the world is moving towards becoming a place that treats both sexes equally, many female entrepreneurs are coming up and carving a niche in the professional world.

These women have brilliant ideas and insight, give employment to people, and are contributing to the economy.

Moreover, in a world that still practices patriarchy, these women are doing wonders and motivating millions of young minds.

If you are also an aspiring female entrepreneur, here are some things you should know.

1. Fundraising is hard

Getting appropriate funding is key to establishing and running a business. However, fundraising is even harder for women. As per a 2016 report, American venture capitalists invested $58.2 billion in companies with all-male founders, while female-founded companies received only $1.46 billion. This is mainly because of the existing societal biases against women, which comes down to how women in business are perceived in relation to men.

2. Get used to be the only one in the room

There are high chances that you will be the only woman in most of the meetings you attend or you might find yourself pitching to solely male investors. The lack of female presence in the entrepreneurial world can make it difficult to find powerful female role models.

3. You will be questioned about your personal life a lot

If you are a female entrepreneur or an aspiring one, get ready for the scrutinization of all aspects of your life. From what you wear to your romantic relationships, you will receive undue criticism for breaking gender stereotypes. Over a period, it might become frustrating to discuss personal lives when you are trying to focus on business.

4. Learn how to be a boss

In a workplace mainly dominated by men, you will need to know how to be a boss. When women act in accordance with gender stereotypes they are viewed as weak, yet when women go against the same stereotypes, they are seen as too aggressive. Thus, no matter what people say, you need to be strong and bold to hold your place.

5. Find a mentor

Connecting with a mentor is one of the best professional decisions you can possibly make as a female entrepreneur. They can give you valuable advice and inputs that you won’t get anywhere else.

6. Never underestimate your value

As an entrepreneur, you are in complete control of your earning potential. In order to make a shift in your business, you must be aware of your gifts and talents. Understand what you have to offer within your industry, and monetize your products and services to reflect what the market will bear.

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