5 things depressed people do that can be misinterpreted as ‘laziness’



Being lazy is an attribute unappreciated by many. It is looked upon as a negative personality and may give people the wrong impression, leading them to judge you unnecessarily.

However, there is a thin line between being lazy and being depressed. While many factors can lead to depression, depression itself can cause a dent in a person’s ability to move on in life.

It can take away a person’s passion, make them disinterested in life and also may trigger the laziness in them. That being said, it is always necessary to confirm the source of a person’s slothful behaviour.

While it’s easy to see a person as idle and indolent, it is as difficult to understand their side of the story, which is why, here are things that people with depression usually do or don’t do which makes them appear lazy.

1. Being low on energy and having an inactive social life

People who are lazy are low on energy and do not socialize with a lot of people. They find themselves a comfort zone, isolate themselves and prefer being alone than being around people. While family members, loved ones may see it as laziness or negligence, the will to stay alone and low on life is a classic symptom of depression too. So, before judging a person as someone who is lazy, try and detect the cause of their withdrawal.

2. Taking frequent breaks in between

People who are depressed prefer resting for long hours or rather need it to refresh and rejuvenate. They find it extremely difficult to get out of bed and take frequent breaks in between work. Unlike an undisturbed mind, a troubled person feels more exhausted and tired, given the additional anxiety and stress they go through in every walk of life. Therefore, if someone you know takes occasional breaks and hides away in their comfort zone, do not immediately judge them for it. There may be more to it than what meets the eye.

3. Incomplete chores and unfinished business

In a work environment, the inability to meet objectives and goals can be understood as unprofessional and inefficient. Similarly, in the familial realm and around friends, incomplete chores and negligent work behaviour can be seen as laziness. However, what must be understood is that sometimes it can be a sign of depression. Severe depression may sometimes deprive people of the enthusiasm and passion for any kind of work. It can take away a person’s zeal and may make them seem lazy.

That said, apart from their incomplete chores, try to analyse their state of mind.

4. Unhealthy eating habits

Just because someone is not eating, cooking or has an abnormal eating pattern, doesn’t mean they’re ignorant or lazy. It can be a possible sign of depression, which often gets overlooked. Depression can make a person eat too much or too less. While overeating becomes a way for a depressed person to cope with their situation, the total opposite i.e. not eating at all can occur when their depression takes a toll on their appetite and makes eating a task.

5. Neglecting one’s appearance and personal hygiene

Self care is extremely important in our day to day lives. However, some people may not be in the right mind to treat themselves with care and love. Often a person who is ignorant of their personal hygiene and negligent of their appearance may come off as someone lazy and sluggish. However, it may be the depression triggering it all. Until and unless a person is happy with him- or herself, there is no way they’ll care about how they look to others. They’ll probably be more intertwined in their thoughts

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