Gail Mabalane opens up on her hair loss journey (Video)



Gail Mabalane has opened up about her hair loss journey.

The star shared her experience through her new YouTube channel.

The video was the first episode as she gave an account of what led to her going bald in 2019.

It all started after she decided to switch up her look from her signature pixie cut to a bun.

“We {Me and my stylist] decided to gel the hair down and put it up into a bun. I could tell this was not going to be practical for me because it didn’t hold my hair the way I wanted it to be.”

“I remember the lady who washed my hair taking the bun off. It felt like it broke off my hair. That’s how hard it had got. For me, I was like I do whatever I want with my hair so losing a bit of hair was not a big deal,” Gail said.

She asked her hairstylist to cut her hair but he convinced her to treat it and regrow it instead.

After weeks of self-medicating and attempting to treat it, she saw a specialist and was diagnosed with central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA) which causes hair loss.

In the video also, Gail revealed that she is able to inspire women who have gone through or is going through hair loss.

Watch video below:

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