5 wonderful benefits of saffron for pregnant women



Becoming a mother is a life-changing experience that comes along with tons of responsibilities.

Taking care of your overall health when you are pregnant is the first thing that comes to your mind. This is because your good health is important for the healthy growth of your little one inside you.

A balanced diet, good habits and staying happy are the key points to being healthy during pregnancy.

Talking about a healthy diet, saffron is one food item that is highly recommended during the nine months of pregnancy.

It is an exotic spice, which is a part of several Ayurvedic recipes and has various health benefits. Here is how consuming saffron during pregnancy can help you:

1. Helps in tackling your mood swings

Mood swings and pregnancy are two inseparable things. Various factors including rapid hormonal changes and physical discomforts of pregnancy are the reason behind these mood swings. The mood swings can make one short-tempered and irritable. Saffron works wonders as it produces serotonin, which modulates your mood by amplifying the blood flow in your body. This helps you cope up with your emotional ups and downs and let your spirits remain high.

2. Helps you sleep well

The physical discomfort during this journey can have adverse effects on your sleep. You might be wasting a lot of time tossing and turning around all night. You can try having a glass of warm milk with saffron. It will soothe anxiety, uplift your mood and help you sleep well.

3. Relieves cramps

Due to the hormonal changes, cramps occur more frequently during pregnancy. Cramps can be mild and bearable to severe and intolerable at times. These cramps can be easily prevented by consuming saffron. This is because saffron acts as a painkiller to relieve pain and soothe the muscle ache in your body. It also reduces high blood pressure, which is usually high during pregnancy.

4. Boosts heart function

All the weird cravings during pregnancy surely take up your calorie intake, which can increase your cholesterol levels and affect your heart health. Saffron helps in reducing cholesterol levels. The compounds in saffron prevent the clogging of arteries and increase the level of oxygen in your body.

5. Prevents allergies

Allergies are bound to happen when you are pregnant. Saffron helps you in fighting seasonal allergies, chest congestion and breathing issues. Consuming a small quantity of saffron is safe and beneficial for overall health. It has no side effects as long as you do not go overboard.

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