3 things that lead to s*xual frustration in your relationship



Sexual frustration is what you get when there is a difference between what you aim for during sex, and what you actually get out of the experience.

In a relationship or marriage, partners need to always communicate their needs and remain open about what they like and do not like.

Without that, sexual frustration could set in and disrupt the balance and harmony between the couples.

In order that this disruption does not happen in your relationship, here are three things you need to know and practice.

1. Do what your partner likes

Sexual frustration is easy to get when a partner refuses to do what the other likes. The thing about sex is that one size does not fit all. And what pleases one woman won’t necessarily please another woman. Same thing goes for men.

The key to sexual satisfaction between partners is for each person to learn the unique things that heightens the pleasure for the other, and to be sensitive enough to do them. Pleasing your partner has to be an intentional act and learning about their needs and fantasies is one of the ways to make it happen.

2. Do it how they like it

It is one thing to learn what a partner likes, it is another thing to learn to do it the way they like it done. If your partner loves slow kisses, indulge them and kiss them in the manner they like.

Without that, you may never be able to satisfy them, and of what use is sex without satisfaction? That in itself could be the most frustrating ever.

3. Stay exclusive

One other thing that could result in sexual frustration for your partner is your inability to stay with them only.

If you cheat and sleep with other people, the result could be getting STIs and infecting your partner with them. This will negatively impact their trust in you, and their willingness to sleep with you. Imagine being horny and having a partner you can’t sleep with, because you fear that they may infect you with something… again.