7 common period myths you need to stop believing



Periods are a result of a continuous hormonal process.

While there is nothing to be shy about it – we have always been told many things regarding menstruation which are myths and have no scientific beliefs to support them.

These generally comes in form of do’s and don’ts. But, do all of them really make any difference?

We bring you some common period myths that you need to stop believing.

1. Your menstrual cycle is of 28 days

28 days is a normal cycle. But each body is different and for which each female her menstrual cycle can be shorter or longer than 28 days and it is normal. For example, when you first get your menstruation cycle or when you are hitting menopause – both the times, you may expect longer flow. There is nothing to worry about as long as it is consistent and regular.

2. Not understanding what PMS is

Many people think that PMS is no big deal or women may fake it. The reality is quite opposite. PMS is real and it leads to mood swings and cravings. The best way to help women through PMS is to cater to her needs.

3. You are Impure on your periods

Many cultures assume periods to be some kind of dirt. They see it as an untouchable thing and discard women who are in their cycle. In some cultures, women are put in separate room and all their belongings are kept separate. They believe that a woman on her periods touching things will make it impure. However, it isn’t so. Periods are a hormonal process and it is a natural part of our biological function.

4. Don’t exercise while you are on your period

For some woman, doing any work or even moving can be a task. But it doesn’t mean that one should stop exercising on their periods. In fact, proper exercise can help women lessen their stress and maintain a good flow and helps in decreasing the pain as well.

5. No sex during periods

There is absolutely no harm in having safe sex during your periods. In fact, it may be that you may enjoy sex more during your periods. If you and your partner are comfortable to indulge in sex, there is nothing to worry about.

6. Sex during periods doesn’t lead to pregnancy

Pregnancy depends on lots of factor rather than just being in your periods. If you have irregular cycle, it may open the gates of fertility. Therefore, have safe sex.

7. Tampons can break your hymen

Your hymen can only be broken if you had sex. Tampons are clean and safe to use and they don’t break your virginity. So if you are comfortable using it then use it.

These are some of the common myths that have been circulating around periods for centuries. It is high time; we stop believing in them and realize what is good for us.