The secret to long-lasting marriages



Humans are bound to make mistakes. None of us are perfect and we certainly can’t vouch for not making mistakes.

Lies, misunderstandings, ego problems, etc. all contribute to the little mistakes we make in our life, career, and relationships.

It’s not easy holding up in a relationship where the two partners are always picture-perfect and with no faults. But that is not true. One is bound to break off at one point.

The facade of perfection is just a mere reflection of who we want to be, but not who we are. People who do not realize this, end up making mistakes in their relationships and marriages.

It’s never easy to stay in a marriage where one partner has evidently made mistakes, one after the other. Whether it’s financial insecurity, gambling, emotional or physical infidelity, etc. marriages break if the partners can not bring to rectify their mistakes and also forgive each other.

Forgiveness is a highly valued emotion and feeling. It only arises out of love, trust, and sometimes, pity. In relationships, forgiveness stands at a very high pedestal, so much that it indeed plays a big role in keeping relationships and marriages together.

Battling through the consistent tears and pain, a person may decide to forgive their partner for the mistakes in order to move along happily in the relationship which can fix and mend broken relationships to a point like nothing else.

This self-attributed emotion is scarce; not many people can forgive. It’s hard to imagine a person forgiving their partner for countless yellings, cheating episodes, or even the financial blues but some do. They forgive. And then happily move on in their life.

Studies suggest that forgiveness helps a person feel more empathy and love for their partner, thus allowing the latter to rectify their mistake. Fights are always bitter but solving them the right way can sweeten up the marriage. But many would argue that forgiveness is full of compromises. And are you ready to compromise?

Forgiveness isn’t for the meek hearted

It takes gut and a strong will to forgive someone and trust them again. A person may trust their partner to never make the same mistake again, but when the latter takes it for granted, it turns toxic. The person always seems to think that their partner will always forgive them since they love them so much. This is wrong.

Love should never be a weak point in any marriage. Forgiving a person for their mistake, again and again, isn’t healthy, but at the end of the day, it all lies in choices. It’s the person’s choice if they decide to forgive their partner-thus leading to a successful, long-lasting marriage, filled with thorns and pain.

A healthy, forgiving marriage is where the individual accepts their mistake and takes charge of themselves to emerge as a good partner to their spouse. They recognize their faults and work persistently to improve their marriage’s condition. This strengthens the marriage and the foundation of love and trust and provides the path for a long-lasting marriage ahead.

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