Here’s what your sitting posture says about you



And in most cases, our style of sitting can vary as per our surroundings and mood.

However, there are specific styles of sitting that are particular to every individual. And this adopted style is not necessarily limited to the nature of our mood.

According to psychologists, the sitting position of a person talks a lot about their intentions and personality. It reveals our hidden instincts and wishes.

Unknown to many people, this is one great technique used by interviewers to know about a person’s personality.

So if you really want to know how to interpret other people’s poses and tweak your own posture for a first-class impression, read on to see what these common sitting positions really mean:

Here are five sitting positions and their meaning.

It is said that in eight out of ten cases, people who sit with their legs straight are often neat and intelligent. They are also quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.

Also, sitting with straight legs is a sign that you’d rather keep your feelings to yourself than get involved in conflict. Nevertheless, people with this sitting position can be quite tense but they are ever ready to take actions should necessity demands it.

Psychologists claim that crossing your legs while sitting can be a bold statement that says you’re into the person you’re cozying up to.

However, it is also believed that People who cross their legs are more artistic in nature. These set of people often have strange and creative ideas that cause others to think in a different way because they are likely to have a powerful imagination.

Although there are very few people with this sitting position, it doesn’t take away the fact that they can be seen here and there.

People who regularly rely on arm rest while sitting has been identified as the shaky type who needs to find a way to steady themselves. However, this is not applicable to girl bosses; because they’re naturally at ease and in control. They do not need to steady themselves.

People don’t usually clasp their hands while sitting. But when they do, it can be interpreted as a sign of attempting to be extra polite.

However, psychologists claim that it can also be a sign that you are lying and trying very hard to be pleasing.

This sitting position is most common among the female folks. And it is said to be a sign that suggests that these people are believers of time and place. In other words, they believe that everything has its time and place.

More often, these people set the goals and work very hard to achieve them. It is more like a priority for them to establish their education and career before moving on to anything else. In addition, appearances are important to these ones and they dress very nice to put up a very good look.

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