7 essential items women should pick for a vacation trip



You have been dreaming of a vacation for a while now, and now you get the chance to travel, what are you packing for the trip?

You do not have to be going to an exotic location to have your travelling bag full of the perfect vacation essentials.

These are some essential vacation outfit staples.

At some point during your vacation, you might be lounging at the beach, a poolside or swimming. You need the perfect bikini for this.

Nothing says I am chilling, unbothered and enjoying my vacation than a long flowing dress.

What is a vacation without a tote bag to pack your books, sunglasses and all you need?

Pack sunglasses and a straw hat because you would need to soak up the sun and, you won’t want to damage your eyes.

You will go out to eat dinner at some point during your vacation, so make sure you pack an outfit for that. Be creative with this, it could be a two-piece pants and top or a gown.

Yes, you are on vacation but, a morning run or workout clears your head and prepares you for the day.

Let your feet have a relaxing time in flip flops.