Lady in car with Mpura and Killer Kau is reportedly in ICU


Peloyame who is the lady travelling in the same car with Mpura, Killer Kau and few others is reportedly alive and fighting for her life in the ICU.

According to a South African blog, Mgozi, the lady is at MediClinic in Rustenburg.

Although, it was rumored that she also passed on, but some reliable source are yet to declare her dead.

Killer Kau’s record label gave details following the passing of the young stars.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of 3 members affiliated with the record label, SMEA, an inspiring record label from Soweto. The trio was travelling to a gig in Rustenburg with other artists in the car. Involved in this fatality was hitmaker and Amapiano co-pioneer Killer Kau. Thando Tot was his DJ, TD who was SMEA’s official road manager, Mpura Mpura Artist, The Voice (Mpura’s DJ) and 1 other female.”

More details about Peloyame is yet to be announced.

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