How to get better and excel at the game of scrabble?



To play Scrabble, you don’t need to be a vocabulary master or word genius, all you need to do is practice and learn some tricks that will help you get better at the game.

Even the best players of Scrabble are not word geniuses, they just know their way around and know how they can win a game of Scrabble.

Here are some tips that will help you get better and excel at the game of Scrabble:

In the game of Scrabble, what most people do is that they underestimate the power of small lettered words such as two-letter words or three-letter words.

However, if you want to excel at the game of Scrabble and be successful, then you can learn different two and three-letter words.

These can be of high value to your overall score and in instances where you exchange your tiles for your turn, you can actually play two or three letter words and add to your score.

Whenever you find yourself in a tricky situation or in situations where you are stuck, you can start working your way out by building smaller words and then the longer ones.

If you learn the correct use of prefixes and suffixes in Scrabble then this would be a complete game-changer for you and you would find yourself excelling at the game. When you are using a suffix or prefix such as “anti” at the beginning of the words or “ing” or “s” at the end of the words will make a huge difference to your overall score.

Not only are you adding to your points by simply adding a prefix or suffix but you are also sabotaging your opponent’s moves since you add a suffix or prefix to any word on the table.

In this way, you will not only get the original score of the word on the table but you will also get the additional points of the suffix or prefix that you added. These may seem like small extensions but they can have a huge impact on the outcome of the game.

To increase your score quickly in Scrabble, you need to learn how to make compound words on the board. Compound words are made of two separate words that can be combined into one big word for a really high score.

For example, Sun and Flower can be combined to form SunFlower which can be a huge boost to your overall score.

If you plan everything correctly, then you can make compound words in three separate moves plus, you can also learn different compound words so, whenever you see an opening then you build a compound word.

These words are pretty easy to find and spot and can even make you win the game in the last moments of the game. Just be very attentive and careful when arranging your letters on the boards as you can miss out on a compound word opportunity that your opponents can, later on, use to their advantage.

If you are new at Scrabble, you will often find your brain being completely blank and not able to build a single word out of the letter tiles that you have available at hand.

To overcome this problem, you can take the help of different tools such as Scrabble Word Finder. These tools can help you build all the possible words out of the letter tiles that you have available at hand.

The use of these word finders is officially not allowed in Scrabble. So, only use these tools when you are a beginner or playing casually with friends, not when you are playing in a competitive match of Scrabble.

If you want to become good at something and excel then you gotta do one thing and that is practice. Practice makes a man perfect and the longer you practice on something, the better you get at it. Similarly, if you want to get good at Scrabble then you gotta play as many games as possible.

You can play Scrabble with your family members, your friends, and even play it online. There are also games similar to Scrabble such as Words With Friends that are available for free on the internet. The more you play Scrabble and practice your skills and vocabulary, the better you will get at it.

To improve your vocabulary and learn new words, you should read the official Scrabble Dictionary. The Scrabble Dictionary is the main and official source of words when it comes to playing Scrabble and if you really want to excel and become better at Scrabble then you should try to read the dictionary to learn new words so, that every time you play the game, you come up with new word combinations.

However, to read the dictionary, you should just take a few minutes out of your daily routine and study a group of words whenever you get the chance.

You cannot read the whole dictionary at once, nor can you remember and memorize every word, so it is better to just read and see how many words you can remember during a game of Scrabble.