5 things to do immediately you become engaged



So the love of your life has asked you to marry him in a proposal that is both cute and so romantic, and of course, you said yes. Yaaaaaay!!!

Now that you are engaged to be married though, what next? What do you with this new development and where do you go from here?

These are the five things to do as soon as you accept that proposal and become engaged.

While some friends and members of your squad will probably be there to witness you engaged, you’ll still need to tell a lot of people by word of mouth because not every important person will be there.

Your parents, for example, will need to know. And as a rule, you should tell your parents in person. If not, a phone call works but surely no text messages!

Take a ring selfie or a sweet pic of you and your fiancé to share the love on Instagram! If the actual proposal was caught on film, nothing is better than that look of surprise.

Prior to making any wedding decisions, you need to figure out what you have to spend. You should also know who is bearing the cost for the wedding. For example, the royal family bore the costs of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Also make sure you and your fiancé are in agreement about your priorities before talking to your parents about budget and logistics.

4. Get wedding inspiration

There is worldful of ideas and stuff to form your wedding template. Get on the Internet get the best inspo to fit your style and crate the kind of wedding that suits your personality. Whatever you want, there’s a whole lot of inspiration to be found online.

How many bridesmaids or groomsmen do each of you want? Are you cool with having odd numbers or is an even number a must? Does one of you (or both) want a bridesman or groomslady? Will you have a maid of honor or best man? No matter what, you need to discuss these things before one of you starts popping the question to friends.

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