How to deal with backstabbing coworkers



When you work anywhere, you do know that there are some co-workers who will help out and be nice but then there are colleagues who will backstab you in some or the other way.

Some do it while you are working with them and many do it especially when you have left the organisation and they know they will not be confronted.

So here are 5 ways of dealing with such people if it bothers you.

1. Saying less

No matter how sweet they are, it is best to share less with such beings. They can and many do, use the personal secrets and opinions you shared about whoever, tweak it and add their own creative angle to it and eventually use it against you. So don’t wear your heart on your sleeves.

2. Be on the lookout

There are certain situations that make you bad and desperation brings out the worst in many people. If your seniors or the management push certain people to a corner, they are bound to break down and spill the beans. If nothing else, when appraisals and promotions take place, the game gets dirty. Those who looked like angels may have demon horns at that moment so beware.

3. Never judge a book by its cover

This saying if understood, goes a long way and can be applied in millions of situations. Those people who look very decent, are soft and polite, are many times that backstabbers you did not see coming. They help you but they try to ruin you as well if they have harbored some hatred for you without you knowing. Trust is not something you can have on many people.

4. Keep yourself updated with office gossip

This seems very shallow but it works! You may not like it but if everyone knows that you keep yourself well informed of the office politics and gossip then backstabbers tend to think twice about their next step

5. Confrontation

If you have been backstabbed, the best way is to bring the backstabber and confront them. Say that you want to resolve it right away as this is nothing but negativity which affects the work environment. Even if you are an escapist, you must take this step if that person and the office means a lot to you. Sometimes the course of your future can be altered by backstabbers and this is not what you want. So confrontation is the key.

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