Lady Du inspires fans with her 9-5 job story



Lady Du knows her onions and she tells it all on social media almost on a daily basis.

Within the past few weeks, the singer has been constantly serving juice about her life and growth into success.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of one shares snaps of when she was doing 9 to 5 jobs, and said money earned as at then was what she used in building her life now.

“Never ever underestimate what your 9/5 can do for you to start your own business!!! I worked on a ship travelled the world doing beauty, studied fire fighting, teeth whitening specialist, and safety officer position. came back worked at my dad’s shop, then worked with trucks (logistics), then worked organising events for a foundation. ”

“All that money I invested back into my music. I paid my dancers from my salary, bought them uniform from my salary. @njabzzz has been dancing for me for 12 straight years. Jeanette I met 4 years ago. Come hell or High water, pay or no pay they got paid. They stuck by me when I had no hits, today They get to share my dream with me. Whatever I have they will have. You might not like the job you have but make use of it ,everything I have comes from my own hands,” she added.


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