Shimza – Hip Hop is dead in South Africa



Shimza got eyebrows raised after bluntly stating that the hip hop industry is dead in South Africa.

The DJ is one who has been involved in different unpleasant drama, especially on Twitter.

It seems he shot himself on the leg with his claim about SA hip hop.

Shimza made the spillage during a Live video chat with Ms Cosmo, and Cosmo also raised her lashes high following his statement about the genre.

The DJ’s statement garnered more trolls on him, and they aren’t giving him a breather.

“These guys who can’t even make songs , steal other people’s songs and think their lit , when was Shimza’s last hit ? Does he know that the top two highest selling albums this year are Hip Hop albums ? Smh,” a social media user said.

“Idk why people have something to say about Hip Hop, like when Hip hop was on top we never talked about how other genres were not weak, but when Hip hop comes back they will all shut up,” another said.

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