10 impressive health benefits of black seed oil



People have used black seed oil for its therapeutic benefits for thousands of years. Studies suggest that this oil may offer many health and cosmetic benefits.

The following list contains only some of the very common conditions that black seed can be effectively used for.
All the remedies shown for each condition is based on the best possible combination or based on the practical use related by people in various sources.

1. Baldness and hair loss

Loss of hair could be either due to age or some other underlying conditions. People have reported to have improved the growth of hair using black seed oil. Just pour some oil in your palm and rub both hands against each other. Massage then to the scalp, especially the bald areas.

2. Beard growth

If you have a thin beard and wants to make it thick, black seed is the solution. Just take some and massage in to the beard. Make sure it reaches the roots.

3. Cancer and tumors

Crush fresh cloves of garlic and mix with honey and black seed or its oil. Take a teaspoon three times a day.

4. Cardiovascular

Mix half a teaspoon of the oil with warm water and drink before breakfast.

5. Radiant skin and face

Mix the oil with some olive oil and honey. Apply to face or skin and leave for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water. It makes the skin glow.

6. Chest congestion

Take one teaspoon twice a day. If you mix it with honey, it works wonders.

7. Cough

Mix an equal amount of the oil with raw honey. Take a teaspoon of the mixture twice a day.

8. Diabetes

Mix the oil with raw or manuka honey. Take one teaspoon twice a day. Do not take sugar and other foods that cause diabetes.

9. Diarrhea

Put one teaspoon of the oil in one cup of yogurt and drink twice a day. If you add honey, it will add to the taste to make it yummy and heal you faster.

10. Earache

Take a few drops of olive and mix it with a few drops of black seed oil. Put three to five drops in the ear. Please note if you have perforated drum, ask your doctor.

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