5 reasons why you should consider making knotless braids



Since 2020, knotless box braids have been trending, and why not? They are fantastic.

What are knotless braids? These are braids made by starting with your natural hair before subsequently using extensions or as it is popularly called ‘attachment’.

So why do women love knotless braids? Read on to know.

Knotless braids do not tension your scalp like ordinary box braids because the hairdresser weaves the attachment or extensions into your hair. This protects your hair and edges.

Once more, the method of making knotless braids does not let strands of hair come out of your extensions. This means you can have this hairstyle on for 6 weeks or more or until you are tired.

Knotless braids can be packed and style in many ways and they look good on every facial structure and hair type. Also, they are many different types of knotless braids.

Knotless braids are one of the most natural hairdos because it is quite difficult to tell where the extension or your natural hair begins.

Have you ever had the experience of a week of severe headaches because of painful braids? No doubt, normal box braids hurt a lot but, knotless braids do not.

Knotless braids are refreshing, feminine and stylish. Wondering your next hairdo? Try it when next you are going to the saloon and if you have done it before, do it again.