Rolene Strauss announces upcoming book – Fans expresses excitement



Rolene Strauss has finally let the cat out as she announces she will be dropping her book soon.

This is coming after the star announces she has a big secret which she will be revealing soon and told her fans to guess what it is.

Well, it looked like Rolene could not keep the secret any longer as many of her fans guessed correctly.

She said she will be sharing her personal experience with her fans as it had a significant impact on her life and growth.

“So what is this post about 16-year old Rolene all about?I’m sharing this very personal experience with you as it had a significant impact on my life and growth… It also motivated me to create this exciting secret to be revealed soon 🥰❤️But…”

Rolene made it known that she will be releasing her new book this Friday and will continue to share some personal stories in the meantime

“You are all too clever for me and most of you already guessed it🙈😂 My new book will be released this Friday! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Eek 😂😬I will still be sharing some personal stories in the meantime”

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