Maggz Magubane reveals why he’s no longer friends with Bongani Fassie



Rapper Maggz Magubane opened up on his failed friendship with Bongani Fassie, detailing how he almost went to prison allegedly due to Bongani’s lies.

The star revealed this while speaking to Mac G in the latest episode of Podcast and Chill, the rapper revealed that Bongani almost caused him to spend 15 years in jail for stolen studio equipment.

Maggz alleged that Brenda Fassie’s son deceived him into thinking that he owned Muthaland Entertainment record label owner, Lance Stehr’s studio equipment when he asked him to help him “move it”.

This he said, led to him spending two days in jail.

“I was facing 15 years. It was a schedule 5 case because of the price of the equipment … I was going to court for like two years. It added to the music depression. … I went to court,” he explained.

“Another thing that pi**ed me off – cause I was OK – we were going through the emotions at the time, going to court … What pi**ed me off is that later on, the homie started switching up on us.”

Watch video below:

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