Gail Mabalane opens up about her journey with losing her hair



Gail Mabalane took to her Instagram to open up about her journey with losing her hair.

The star made it known that she lost her hair due to a condition she had no control over.

Gail revealed she was diagnosed with Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia after noticing some hair loss following a routine visit to the salon.

She said she had a wash at the salon, Malabane noticed that a chunk of her hair was missing. The actress exhausted all options to prevent further hair loss until she had no choice but to consult a medical professional.

The celeb opened up about her condition on social media in hopes to inspire many others.

In her post, Gail shared a picture of herself with her hair shaven saying: “September is #AlopeciaAwarenessMonth . What this journey has taught me…is that I Am Enough…just the way I am. It has also taught me that as women, we CAN make better, more informed hair choices…because sometimes the damage is self inflicted due to lack of knowledge. If I can give anyone advice…seek help as soon as possible. Sometimes, you CAN prevent further and permanent damage. 🙏🏾Just know…you are not alone.”

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