How to use onion peel to make healthy tea drink



The outer peel of onion is just as – if not – more nutritious than its inner layers.

Onion or the bulb onion or common onion is a vegetable commonly used as a spice or eaten raw.

Many do not use the outer peel as they consider it a waste but is or even more nutritious if you use it to make tea drink.

This tea has healing properties and is beneficial for overall health. Here are some benefits;

  1. Onion peels help to cure catarrh, cough, seasonal infections, and flu. It does this because it possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties like Vitamin C that provides immunity from diseases.
  2. Onion peels have Vitamin E, and thus improves eyesight.
  3. Onion skins help to fight fungal infections. So, if you have a rash or skin infection drinking onion peel tea would help to cure it.
  4. Onion peels drinks help to lower cholesterol in the body because of the flavonoids it possesses.
  5. Onion peels also bring about better and smoother skin because of the Vitamin C and E it possesses.
  1. Peel the outer part of the onions.
  2. Rise if dirty.
  3. Boil in hot water.
  4. Drain into a cup
  5. Enjoy your drink.

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