Moozlie reportedly loses big Cruz Vodka contract



Moozlie has been reported to have lost a major deal with a certain vodka brand after a photo she posted on her page.

She posted a beer on her social media accounts unaware of the implications.

According to a source believed to be close to the TV personality, Moozlie might have slipped reading the contract with the vodka brand she had been working with.

The source said: “I don’t think she was aware of the implications when she posted.”

According to the contract, she was prohibited from posting any other alcohol brand because it would then be considered as marketing for that brand. Which to me sounds like a standard piece of information one would know.

The source also added that what made the situation even worse to bare was the fact that Moozlie had posted a mere beer without truly knowing and understanding the risks.

“Remember these are tough times, whatever brings cash, we take,” the source said.

In a bid to fix her mistakes, it has been reported that Moozlie’s management team went as far as trying to convince the vodka brand to accept a one-on-one meeting with Moozlie as to explain what happened.

See picture below:

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