5 common awkward moments in every new relationship



There’s so much beauty in the beginning of a romantic relationship; the honey moon phase.

The sudden burst of love for this person that makes you almost feel suffocated, always wanting to be with them and always wanting to talk to them.

In as much as there’s this beauty and passion around you two, there’s also the slight awkwardness in certain situations especially because they’re happening for the first time.

Keep reading to see if you can relate to any of our points.

1. The “what are we?” conversation

You’ve been talking for a while, you 2 have been exclusive for as long as you can remember but you’ve still not spoken about where you both stand relationship-wise. That talk can be very awkward because if you’re the one bringing it up, you’re battling with whether or not the other person is fine with where you both are in the relationship. If they weren’t fine, why haven’t they brought it up yet, right?

2. The first farts in front of each other

After you’ve decided to actually be boyfriend, girlfriend, there’s the issue of holding in your fart until they’re not around or until you go and use the washroom but this cannot go on for long. The day one person farts in front of the other after holding it in for a long time can be very very awkward but you’ll both eventually move past it and start doing it on a regular.

3. Doing a “number 2” at your partner’s end

It can be absolutely nerve wracking especially when you see that there’s no spray there to mask the scent. Even after coming out, you start to feel awkward even though it’s a normal thing and everyone does it.

4. First disagreement

You expect a fight to happen because it’s normal. You’re 2 different people with different ways you think and different opinions so you’ll definitely have a disagreement sooner or later. After the disagreement can be very awkward. You’ve not spoken to each other in hours and you miss each other but you don’t know if they’re still mad or not and you don’t know if you should text them yet.

5. First sex

The first time you have sex is always going to be a little awkward no matter what. Seeing each other naked, thinking about how you’re going to “perform”, thinking about how much you’ve hyped your prowess and if your body will not disappoint you and also thinking about whether or not your partner is actually enjoying everything that’s going on. It’s hard not to be in your own head when having sex for the first time with someone you really really like.

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