“Don’t feature artists that don’t contribute to the music composition” – Prince Kaybee



Prince Kaybee has criticised artists who get a feature on a song but don’t contribute to the composition of the music.

The star made it clear on his Twitter as he took the opportunity to defend fellow musician Sir Trill  after backlash last week.

As the battle of “who wrote what” continues among SA musicians, Prince Kaybee has weighed in on the debate over artists who do or do not contribute to the music-making.

In Boohle’s case, she claimed that Cassper had no contribution on the hit song, Siyathandana which has caused so many people asking who owns the song.

Hosh hitmaker Kaybee had some thoughts to share on the matter.

He went on to advise his fellow industry compadres, the star said artists who don’t play a part in the composition of a song shouldn’t get a feature on said song.

“Don’t feature artists whot don’t contribute to the music composition or lyrics, people who are just there for aesthetics, now deals are coming in and they must be paid because they are on the title of the song. It hurts,” he tweeted.

See tweet below:


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