5 period products women use during menstruation



One thing women can’t escape monthly is their menstrual period. Since it is a monthly visitor, it makes sense to be prepared for it.

Using the right menstrual products saves you from a whole lot of stress. But it is also great to have a variety of options tailored to your own specific needs.

It also helps to consider the activities you would be engaged in during that period, how much you would spend monthly on pads and how convenient it is to dispose of them.

These are the most common menstrual hygiene products. Sanitary pads are made of cotton, placed on your underwear and disposed of daily.

There are so many sanitary pads in the market all you have to do is make a choice. Pads have different shapes, sizes and levels of absorbency.

Pads are common and are are easy to use

Disposing of them might be an issue but, no matter what, never flush them down the toilet or wash them.

Tampons are cigarette like balls of cotton with a string at the end. It is inserted into your vagina to soak up blood, after which you can just pull it out. They don’t last too long, so be ready to change them in a few hours.

Tampons are convenient to carry around and are very comfortable to wear. You can even go swimming while on them.

There is a risk of bacterial infection. To reduce this chance, wash your hands before inserting them, change your tampons as often as possible and most especially before you sleep.

Reusable pads are made of bamboo cloth. After using these pads, they are rinsed, soaked overnight and washed.

Reusable pads are appropriate in places where you cannot dispose of your pads easily.

They are good for the environment because they prevent pollution. They also save a lot of money since they are reusable and, you don’t have to spend money on pads every month.

Washing your pads can be stressful

These aren’t common and need to be shipped from abroad.

Menstrual panties are like your everyday pants but, they are more absorbent. They might not be appropriate if you have a heavy flow.

Very comfortable and environmentally friendly.

You might feel weird about washing it. You might need a lot of these pants and it won’t work if you experience a heavy flow.

These are rubber, silicone cups inserted into the vagina that blood flows into it.

You save costs long term with menstrual cups. Menstrual cups are better for the environment and they are comfortable and suitable for swimming.

Seeing your blood flow might be unsettling. They are not easy to wear and might cause pelvic organ prolapse

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