Anele Zondo ventures into music, set to drop first project



Anele Zondo opens up about her interest in making music, and this time around, she’s coming for other rappers in SA music industry.

Anele who is also called Ney The Bae is known to be multi-talented in the entertainment industry, as she functions as an actress, TV presenter and model.

Taking to social media, she shared a teaser of her rap music.

Speaking with Daily Sun about venturing into music, she said:

“Music is part of my blood, it’s me. Yes, we all enjoy music but from a young age, my dad introduced me to music and he’d make us listen to the lyrics and recite them. I’ve always been in choirs, always sang.”

“It’s always been part of the plan. I’ve been in music videos. So, I’m very excited that I’m here and I’m very shocked about the reception I’m getting from people. Everybody is saying this makes sense.”

“I’m very private, but I decided that if I am going to tell my story, I will tell it my way and how I want people to receive it, in the most honest way. I don’t want people making stories about me. I had two options, either I do music or write a book. I decided on making music,” said Ney.

“I haven’t been doing this music thing for a long time, I’ve been in studio for a little over 12 months. I’m still a baby, but it all feels natural. Music has been such a different thing for me, I can’t believe I’m not getting stage fright like I used to with presenting and acting. Music feels natural and feels like it’s something I really should be doing,” she added.

Anele says she will be dropping her first project which will be a form of experiment in the, and she’s calling it YP, Young Project.

The project encompasses diverse genre and fans can’t wait to listen to all she’s set to serve.

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