5 things you should never do in an online job interview



The world has learnt to go online, especially the corporate sector.

Most job interviews today are taken on zoom calls eliminating the need for the job candidates to travel down to the company office for that purpose.

A similar method is being followed for admission interviews of students applying for higher studies.

This change in the way of recruiting the right candidates has demanded a change in the way candidates are expected to conduct themselves in these interviews.

Since an online interview provides us the ease of sitting inside our homes and taking our interviews, we can tend to forget the basic ethics that must be followed.

Here are 5 things that, if done by you, can absolutely butcher your interview. So you must steer clear of them.

1. Sitting in your PJs

Even if you are sitting within the comfortable walls of your home, you must not forget that you are sitting for a formal online interview. Make sure to be well dressed and presentable. You can go for formal or semi-formal attire. Do not sit with an oversized t-shirt, pyjamas, messy hair and drowsy eyes. You must look professional and ready for the interview.

2. Getting too cozy and comfortable 

Ditch your bed. You can definitely manage to get out of your bed for an hour. Slouching on your bed and placing the laptop on your belly during the interview will build a strong negative impression in front of your interviewer. Choose a proper desk/table with a good and decent background. Clear out the mess that can be visible to the interviewer in the camera. Sit up straight.

3. Leaving your smartphone on sound or vibrator mode

Our phones are the most distracting. Be sure to put your phone on mute. The vibration of a notification or a ping sound can be very disturbing when you are conversing with the interviewer. It’s best to leave your phone in some other room unless you really need to keep it with you.

4. Sitting for the interview without a tech check 

Remember blindly relying on technology is never a wise choice. A network issue or system glitch in the middle of a good going online interview can still cause damage. Make sure to have a tech run before you sit for the actual interview. This way if you find any issue, you will have time to fix it and won’t have to deal with any end moment hassle.

5. Sitting amidst a lot of background noise 

Your house is most likely to be a chaotic place if you reside with your family. Be sure to choose a room/corner of the house that will be free from all kinds of noise disturbance. The noise of a pressure cooker coming from the kitchen, or siblings getting into a heated fight in the living room is something that is very common and needs to be shut out during your interview. Be sure to inform your family that you have a scheduled interview and request them to maintain silence for that time.

An online interview, though convenient, can be messy if not handled properly. So be it an online, or offline interview, you need to hold firm basic ethics and professionalism while sitting for the interview.