Why you should cut off unhealthy, one-sided relationship



So I bet you read this headline and thought, “Well, because it’s one-sided, duh.” And you would be correct.

One-sided relationships are no good for you because they are only one-sided. However, breaking off such a relationship is usually easier said than done.

A one-sided relationship is a relationship where one party is putting significantly more time, effort, energy, and love into the relationship than the other party. How much more, however, depends.

If you’re looking for drama, one-sided is the way to go; no argument there.

On the other hand, if you’re ready for something a bit more meaningful, then you’re going to need to get out of your one-sided relationship, even if you’re already the receiver.

1. Being the giver and never the receiver will eventually drive you mad

Giving is an addiction. For one reason or another, we believe that if we give even more, eventually we will get something in return. It’s the illusion of the selflessness of love that we fall for.

Love isn’t selfless — nor should it be. It may feel selfless, but as we’ve already established, the reason you want to keep giving more of yourself to this person is because you believe that eventually YOU will get something in return. Tricking yourself into believing that love is selfless is going to get you into trouble.

2. Being a receiver without ever having to give is no good for you, either

Being the only giver will break your heart. It’ll hurt. It’ll heal. You’ll move on with your life. But being the constant taker will fuck you up, because your heart won’t break. Your heart won’t be capable of breaking. You’ll become numb, immune to the world and the people that fill it.

You’ll stop feeling. And once you stop feeling, you’re going to become desperate. You’re going to find other ways to stimulate yourself, which in the end only makes things much worse.

3. Life is too short

The fact is that there is someone out there, right now, that would treat you the way that you should be treated. There is someone out there that you can fall in love with. Someone that will feel … right. Don’t settle for anything less than right. Perfection may be a fairytale, but there is someone out there for you that will feel like home.

Life is too short to give yourself to someone who doesn’t care for you — just as it’s too short to be in a relationship with someone you don’t truly care about.

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