Dawn Thandeka King expresses excitement as she turns 43



Dawn Thandeka King is super elated on her 43rd birthday and she’s taken to social media to celebrate herself.

The actress shared a portrait of herself and captioned it with birthday wishes.

To God be the glory…..Yena owenza konke emfihlakalweni… The King Herself. Happy birthday Dawn Thandeka Thandeka King.”

Thandeka experienced trying moments this year, as it took her months before she could walk after getting injured while on set.

“Physical injury also has an impact on one’s emotional and psychological well-being, I have struggled in the past few months, both physically and psychologically but I have had to remember all the inspirational words I have said to encourage others in the past and I have allowed those words to carry me through this journey,” she said, appreciating support received.

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