Stogie T opens up on altercation with Nota Baloyi



Stogie T has taken to his social media to pen down a public apology following his brawl with Nota Baloyi.

Few hours ago, Nota explained what went down at the event claiming that he was simply defending a female friend of his who was hit by Stogie T during an altercation they had, a few weeks ago.

Nota in several posts shared why he confronted Stogie T and also alleged that the rapper is a woman beater.

Well, Stogie has also released his own official statement saying he has the right to express his feelings.

He claimed Nota has lied about encounters, charged him with destroying culture and also suggested his mother was a corrupt public servant who cheated the state.

Stogie went on to say yesterday’s event was uncalled for as he was just minding his business not until Nota came at him.

He concluded as he extends his deepest apologies to his wife, family, church and the Hip Hop community.

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